Who We Are

The Working Group for Educator Excellence (WGEE) is a broad coalition of organizations and individuals united in the belief that the most effective way to provide every child with an excellent education is to take a systemic approach to influencing what teachers and educational leaders know and can do. WGEE was established  to influence public policy, practice, and public discourse.


Mission: To create a personnel pipeline that delivers high expertise teaching.


The WGEE promotes reforms for effectiveness, coherence and efficiency to these 10 major components or “levers” of the human-resources pipeline.

The integration of the following two movements makes our work groundbreaking and especially promising:

levers revised

To align these ten elements requires an unprecedented break with the fragmented education reforms of the past. Single-issue solutions have not achieved sustainable gains in closing the achievement gap for all students in the long-term. We aim to identify in a deep and detailed way, the knowledge base of professional teaching and leading and to embed this knowledge base at appropriate stages throughout an educator’s career. The Working Group for Educator Excellence proposes to solve the educator expertise problem by promoting a comprehensive system to reform personnel policies for teachers and school leaders, from training to induction to retention. This approach draws on research and national best practices.  The result is consistent standards, better support, and more rigorous accountability for teachers and school leaders, with improved student performance and long-term cost savings for Massachusetts. Enhancing the quality of teaching and school leadership will result in better student performance and long-term cost savings for the Commonwealth.

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