District Promising Practices and Tools

In partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Working Group for Educator Excellence, the following is a list of District Promising Practices and Tools approved by the DESE used in diverse school districts from all areas of the Commonwealth. Most of these practices are applicable to Grades PreK-12, while others are specific to the elementary, middle or high school levels. The practices support seven levers of educator expertise:

• Recruitment, Hiring and Placement
• Comprehensive Induction
• Professional Development
• Supervision and Evaluation
• Teacher Leadership
• Organizational Structure
• Adult Professional Culture

In order to provide models that can be replicated and enhanced by other districts the reports of the Promising Practices include:

• Contact information
• Description of the Practice
• Goals of the Practice
• How the Practice reflects the goals and values of the district
• How the Practice was successfully implemented
• How the Practice changed the district
• Resources required- time, money, materials
• List of tools






Agawam Teacher LeadershipTeacher Leaders Across the Curriculum1) Common Core Facilitator Job Description

2) Common Core Facilitator Responsibilities


Supervision & Evaluation

Fostering professional growth and reflection through the 3 Cs: Collaboration, Calibration and Communication

1) Self-Assessment Tool

2) Self-Evaluation Tool

3) Lesson Protocol

4) Observation Rubric

5) Observation Tool

6) APS HRPP Lever 4 Plan


Recruitment, Hiring, and Placement

Recruitment Hiring and Supporting New Teachers

1) Behavior Based Questions

2) Comprehensive Induction Plan

3) Hiring Protocol Steps

4) Reference Check Form

5) Resume Review Form


Teacher Leadership

Teacher Leadership



Organizational Structure


No Tools

Barnstable CultureOrganizational Structure and Culture1) NISL Training Overview

2) BPS School Committee Workshop Planning
* Agenda
* Report
* Implementation Suggestions


Teacher Leadership and Career Ladders

NISL Training for administrators and teachers

1) Teacher Leader Reflection 1

2) Teacher Leader Reflection 2

3) District Goals

4) NISL Training Overview

5) New Educator Training Reflection



Creating a Professional Culture: Focused on excellence of instruction and student achievement. Inclusive process for creating and implement a 5 year strategic plan.

1) Strategic Plan

2) Data Review Template

3) MCAS Analysis Template

4) Teacher Survey on PD Needs

5) Vision Draft



Comprehensive Professional Induction

1) New Teacher Orientation Agenda

2) New Teacher Orientation Survey

3) Induction Program Summary


Professional Development

PD: the Link to Student Learning

1) BPS Writing Overview

2) Para-professional Dev. Series

3) Blank Brockton UbD Template



Brockton's School Structure: Interrelated to All Levers for School Improvement

1) Organizational Chart


Recruitment, Hiring and Placement

Recruitment, hiring and site based placement strategies and protocols

1) HR Update

Chelsea InductionNew Teacher Induction Program1) Mid-year survey- new teacher/ mentor

2) End of the year survey - new teacher

3) End of the year survey- mentor
4) Mentor Job Description
Chicopee InductionMentoring Program1) Mentoring in Action

2) Why Didn't I Learn This in College?

3) 21st Century Mentors Handbook



Supporting and Retaining New Teachers at Clinton Public Schools

1) Introduction to New Mentoring Survey

2) Monthly Meeting Evaluation

3) Monthly Assignments

4) Collaborative Assessment Log

5) Mentor/Mentee Exit Survey



Building and Sustaining an Effective Induction Program

1) Handbook Letter

2) Mentor Application Cover Letter

3) Mentor Application

4) Mentor Survey Results- PowerPoint

5) New Hire Questionnaire

6) OTAGS Presentation Application

7) OTAGS Brochure

8) Principal Recommendation



Supporting and Retaining New Teachers at D-Y Regional1) Teacher Induction Program (TIP) Team Leader Job Description



Building a Strong Organizational Culture Through Professional Learning Communities

1) Teaching and Learning Council Powerpoint

2) Teaching and Learning Council Summer Teacher Leadership Training-PPT-2013

3) Teacher Leader Job Description

4) D-Y Mission and Core Values


Teacher Leadership

Teacher Leadership Model

1) Teacher Leader Job Description



Advanced Academic Learning Initiatives Model and Honors Academy at Fitchburg HS

1) Middle School Newsletter Article

2) Parent Night Flyer

3) AALI Elementary Newsletter

4) AALI Brochure

5) Honors Academy Letter

6) Honors Academy Article

7) Honors Academy PPT

8) MMSI Update and Honors Academy Proposal

9) Honors Academy Letter


Supervision and Evaluation

Implementation of the New Educator Evaluation System

1) DESE Ed Evaluation Newsletter

2) District Newsletter Evaluation

3) Superintendent's Educator Evaluation Update Issue 2

4) Superintendent's Educator Evaluation Update Issue 3

5) Summary of Evaluation Process


Professional Development

Enhancing student achievement through integrated and purposeful PD and collegial collaboration with PLCs.

1) Professional Development Handbook

Greater Lawrence Technical School Grades 9-12

Supervision and Evaluation and Professional Development

Implementing Critical Elements of the New Educator Evaluation System Including Using Staff Vignettes

Training Vignettes:

1) Using Teachpoint on iPad

2) SMART Goals

3) New Teacher Evaluation pt 1

4) New Teacher Evaluation pt 2

5) Summary


Comprehensive Induction

Educator Induction in Hingham: A Collaborative

1) Teacher Survey

2) Mentor Survey

3) Link to PD Booklet

Malden STEAM Academy/K-8


Cultivating and Sustaining a Data Culture- (Data Walls)



Professional Development

Partnering up to Provide Professional Development for Low-incidence Specialists

1) Professional Development Schedule


Professional Development

Delivering and Reinforcing Professional Development Using Moodle

1) Link to Moodle Courses and Offerings


Supervision and Evaluation

Walkthrough Template on Observation 360

1) Walkthrough Observation 1

2) Walkthrough Observation 2



Creating and Sustaining A Strong Professional Culture

1) K-12 Common Writing Assessments-Grade 4 Sample

2) K-4 Teacher Leader Job Description

3) PLC Evaluation Timeplate

4) District Resources and Parent Anti-Bullying Coalition Information


Professional Development

1:1 Computer Initiative for Grades 8-12


Recruitment, Hiring and Placement and Induction

Recruitment, Hiring and Comprehensive Induction

1) HR Specialist Questions

2) Mentoring Guidelines

3) Orientation Schedule

4) Questions for Tech Director Screening

5) Recommendation Form for Hiring

Newton InductionBuilding and Sustaining a New Teacher Induction Program1) Mentor Handbook

2) Routines Checklist

3) Materials Available for Mentors

4) Monthy Scope and Sequence

5) PK-5 Mentor Meeting- Power Point

6) New Hire Survey Link


Supervision and Evaluation

Roll out of the New Educator Evaluation System

1) Self-Assessment and Goal Setting Form

2) Overview of Forms

3) Educator Plan Form

4) Educator Survey


Supervision and Evaluation and Professional Culture

Growth not "Got You" Using an Existing Infrastructure for Successfully Implementing the New Evaluation System

1) Self-Assessment and Goals Development Workbook



Building and Sustaining a Strong School Culture

1) School Climate Survey Executive Summary

2) Norms for Committees

3) Core Values and SMART Goals

4) Round Robin Meeting Matrix



Comprehensive Induction

1) Mentor Program Evaluation Summary of Responses

2) Induction and Mentoring Program Guide


Professional Development

Professional Development - Linking the District's Work

1) Round Robin Meeting Matrix

2) Teacher-Teaching-Teacher Workshop Outline

3) Professional Dev Proposal Form


Supervision and Evaluation

Implementing the Educator Evaluation System Including a Web Based System and Distributed Leadership

1) Teacher Evaluation Leader Job Description  

2) Evaluation PD Feedback Form

3) Excerpt from Revere’s Online Evaluation System



Structure of an Effective District-Wide Steering Committee

1) Goals/Plan of the Organization Structure Committee

2) Steering Committee Norms

3) Round Robin Meeting Matrix

4) Steering Committee Charge


Recruitment and Hiring

Diversifying the District's Workforce

1) Hiring Committee: Report of Interview Rubric

2) Summary of Hiring Process

3) Hiring Transaction Form

4) Posting Form

5) Reference Check Form

6) Teacher Interview Questions

Shrewsbury CultureBuilding and Sustaining A Strong Professional Culture1) Mission and Core Values

2) Leadership Team Norms

3) Educator Evaluation PD Day - Power Point
Southeastern Regional HS
Grades 9-12


New Teacher Induction at Southeastern Regional: A Collaborative Approach

1) Lead Teacher Job Description

2) Mentor Job Description

3) Power Point e-portfolio program Digication

Taunton CultureBuilding and Sustaining a Strong Professional Culture1) Taunton PS Strategic Plan

2) School Committee Norms and Beliefs

3) Leadership Norms and Beliefs

4) PLC Overview

5) PLC Inventory

6) Community Input Teams/School Consolidation

7) Creating a "Movement" at TPS/Action Plan

8) Superintendent Goals
West Springfield

Supervision and Evaluation

Piloting and Implementing the New Evaluation System

1) Evaluation System Rubric Resources

2) Evaluation Steering Committee Agenda

3) Suggested Artifacts List

4) WSPS Teacher Rubric Priorities 5) Survey



Leadership Professional Learning Teams

1) Professional Learning Teams Charter


CultureCreating and Sustaining a Strong professional Culture1) Weston Public Schools Vision Statement

2) District Long Range Plan

3) Specialist Job description
Whitman-Hanson Regional EvaluationAlignment of the New Educator Evaluation System 1) Administrator Self-Assessment Form

2) Staff Self-Assessment Form

3) Classroom Walk Through Template

4) Educator Goals - Superintendent

5) Formative Assessment Form

6) Summative Assessment Form

7) Supervision and Evaluation - Power-Point
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