The Electronic Clearinghouse includes exemplars for teachers, school administrators, district leaders and evaluators clarifying Indicators on the Massachusetts Classroom Teacher RubricThese have been selected by the evaluation staff at DESE. The exemplars are intended to describe how proficient practice would look in a classroom and what teachers could do to successfully meet the standard and indicator expectations. The exemplars include up to 10 vignettes describing authentic classroom and school scenarios with recommendations for specific ways that teachers could engage in reflective practice. The vignettes are followed by links to videos, tools and other resources which teachers or administrators could use to adopt the practices highlighted. Technology and technical tools are embedded in many of the vignettes.


IV-A-1:        Reflective Practice

III-C-2:       Culturally Proficient Communication

II-C-1:         Respects Differences

III-B-1:       Learning Expectations

I-C-3:          Sharing Conclusions with Students

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