Initiative for Integrating Reform (IIR)


Tom Scott, Executive Director, Massachusetts School Superintendents Association

Andre Mayer, Senior Vice President of Communications and Research, Associated Industries of Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, as in many states, there is often a variety of competing and, at times, overlapping education reform efforts contemporaneously vying for influence and limited state resources. With this in mind, the Initiative for Integrating Reform (IIR) monitors state-level educational reform activity for areas of possible WGEE coalition action. In particular, the IIR serves three major goals:

• Identifying opportunities for productive interface between WGEE initiatives and related reform efforts;

• Helping the WGEE to summarize and synthesize a complicated set of reform efforts in its public outreach and education materials;

• Developing a coalition action plan for the pursuit of policies that support educator effectiveness

Led by Tom Scott, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents (MASS) and Andre Mayer, Senior Vice President of Communications and Research at the Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM), the activities of IIR vary according to the current state of education reform in the Commonwealth. When legislation is introduced or when a local professional organization launches a reform effort, the WGEE analyzes the goals of the initiative and discusses opportunities for inter-agency collaboration and action. Additionally, the WGEE uses IIR discussions to inform its outreach materials to local teachers, administrators and educational stakeholders. As an example, the WGEE may produce topical position papers that draw from the expertise of its broad membership to offer unique perspectives on complicated policy questions. In this way, the IIR aims to inform the educational community, as well as the general public, of how Massachusetts’ schools may be affected by the full panoply of policy initiatives and proposals currently in play in the Commonwealth, and to take action on those items that best support effective teaching.

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