High Expertise Teaching Project

Our flagship initiative is the High Expertise Teaching Project, a partnership between the WGEE and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) that seeks to define the knowledge and skills of effective teaching across grade levels and content areas in a deep and detailed way.

Human Resource Pilot Project 

A partnership between the WGEE and the DESE, the Human Resource Pilot Project supports three Massachusetts, urban districts, to systematically and strategically align various components of their human-resources pipeline to the common core of professional knowledge about teaching.

 Legislative Education and Action

The Legislative Education and Action Committee conducts education and outreach with elected officials about the importance systemic educational change and actively advocates for legislation that combines high, rigorous standards with comprehensive educator support systems.

Legislative Outreach

The mission of Legislative Outreach is to engage in policy research, public outreach and positive contact with the field, to draft and support comprehensive education reform legislation.

Initiative to Integrate Reform iIR

The Initiative for Integrating Reform (IIR) monitors state-level educational reform activity for areas of possible interaction and collaboration with the WGEE agenda.



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