Legislative Education and Action

Isa Zimmerman  –  Co-Chair of the Legislative Action Committee. Isa is principal at IKZ Advisors, LLC and a member of the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council.

Carla Jentz  –  Co-Chair of the Legislative Action Committee.  Carla is Executive Director of the Massachusetts Administrators for Special Education.

Single-issue solutions have not achieved the long-term, sustainable gains in student achievement for which we have hoped.  The Legislative Education and Action Committee (LEAC) conducts education with elected officials about the importance of systemic educational change and actively advocates for legislation that combines high, rigorous standards with comprehensive educator support systems. The LEAC meets regularly with state-level legislators to educate them about the support systems necessary for teachers to meet high performance standards.

Read our current Senate Bill 204 sponsored by Senator Chandler.

Teaching Excellence Bill

Testimony points for Senate 204

Become involved.  Contact your Legislators  

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