Legislative Outreach

Kathy Kelley  –  Co-Chair for Legislative Outreach.  Former President, American Federation of Teachers-Massachusetts

Phil Flaherty – Co-Chair for Legislative Outreach. Assistant Director at the Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators Association.

The mission of Legislative Outreach is to engage in policy research, public outreach and positive contact with the field, to draft and support comprehensive education reform legislation. We believe that comprehensive educational reform is a necessary prerequisite for strengthening the nation’s economic security and closing the persistent racial and socio-economic achievement gap. The aim is to increase public understanding of the complexities of teaching and learning, as well as increasing understanding of legislation/policy and its impact on actual classroom practice. Massachusetts has worked hard to lead the nation in public school performance. The next phase of reform must consider how Massachusetts students will be provided the learning opportunities and skills necessary to compete with others in the global marketplace.

Read our current Senate Bill 204 sponsored by Senator Chandler.

Teaching Excellence Bill

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