With more than 60 individual members and 26 supporting organizations, including union leaders, business groups and representatives of diverse professional educational associations, the WGEE is uniquely suited to contribute the diverse array of expertise and experience necessary for comprehensive reform to take hold.

Our current membership includes:

American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts

Massachusetts Administrators for Special Education

Massachusetts Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

Massachusetts Association of College and University Reading Educators

Massachusetts Association of Colleges of Teacher Education

Massachusetts Association of Computer Using Educators

Massachusetts Association of School Committees

Massachusetts Association of School Personnel Administrators

Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents

Massachusetts Elementary School Principals Association

Massachusetts Association of Science Teachers

Massachusetts Foreign Language Association

Massachusetts Organization of Educational Collaboratives

Massachusetts Parent Teacher Association

Massachusetts Reading Association

Massachusetts School Counselors Association

Massachusetts School Library Association

Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators’ Association

Massachusetts Teachers Association

The Rennie Center

Small Business Association of New England

Stand for Children

Strategies for Children, Inc.



Urban Superintendents Network

The Working Group for Educator Excellence is proud to convene so many individuals and organizations to work together on one platform. As a wide-ranging coalition that is unified by shared beliefs about comprehensive educational change, the WGEE offers what we believe to be the greatest hope for Massachusetts’ students, teachers, and educational leaders. We are dedicated to working together with the goal of creating great public schools for every child in Massachusetts. We call on others to join us in our shared commitment to the future of our state and our communities. All WGEE membership organizations have endorsed the WGEE platform, have attained formal approval from their Board and have designated a primary organizational liaison for all WGEE-related initiatives.

*For more information on becoming involved with the Working Group for Educator Excellence please contact us using this form:

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