Research Briefs

Sustaining Systemic School Reform: A Look at Best Practices                                      Race To The Top Human Resource Pilot Project

Cultivating Coherence: Frames and Strategies for Integrating Multiple District Reform Efforts   
By: Paul Dakin, Superintendent, Revere Public Schools
Susan Freedman, Co-Principal Investigator
Jon Saphier, Co-Principal Investigator

District Change:  Summary of Research and Best Practices
By Susan Freedman, Jon Saphier, & Puja Thakkar

Strategies for Accelerating the Hiring Process
By Sue Freedman, Don McCallion, Kathryn Sallis, and Ray Shurtleff

Making Family and School Connections: A Look at Best Practices
By: Soo Hong Assistant Professor, Wellesley College
and Francesca Longo Doctoral Student, Boston College


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